Discovery Flight

Pilot Training Discovery Flight

Your Discovery Flight is your first flight lesson and is truly an experience you will never forget! Its fun, exhilarating, and provides you with your first experience towards becoming a pilot. For only $150 this one-hour flight gives you the chance to either give you the opportunity to fly in a plane or if you have dreams to become a pilot, provides your first training event which will count towards the 40 hours needed to obtain your Private Pilot’s license.

The experience includes:

  • Flight and Safety briefing
  • Participate in a pre-flight inspection and startup
  • One-hour flight
  • While inflight and at cruising altitude, you will take controls under your instructor’s supervision and direction
  • A pilot logbook for recording your training time
  • After landing, your instructor will enter your training time into your logbook
  • Register you with the FAA as a student pilot
  • Schedule your next training event

Our Discovery flight provides you with your first lesson towards becoming a pilot! Gift Certificates also available. To schedule your Discovery Flight, come by and see us, call, or email us. 


Price: $150 for one hour

820 Aviation Drive, New Bern, NC 252-802-8021